What is the travel lift?

Travel lift is a kind of lifting equipment for carrying boats, vessels, and yachts, etc. It is widely used in yacht club and water sports training center for the convenience of maintenance, repair and other work. What’s more, it is widely used for Water Recreation Center, ship repair works, military bases, port terminals and other places of large lifting transport equipment.

Technical Parameters

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Travel lift for sale parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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Marine lift is widely used in the professional yacht dock or yacht club. Because of its simple operation, convenient maintenance, the characteristics of flexible movement, the marine lift is a key lifting and handling equipment for large yacht or vessel out of the water and going into the storage, with high safety and reliability.

Marine boat lifts are also efficient and fast tools for companies of professional maintenance. the maintenance cost for yacht users are saved and the efficiency and benefit are improved for users by marine boat trail lifts.

Travel Lift Videos

MBH Boat Travel Lift – 4-wheel

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MBH Boat Travel Lift – 8-wheel

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MBH Boat Travel Lift – 16-wheel

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Marine lifts of different tonnage

First of all , because of the different types of boats and vessels , their weight is different. Secondly, they differ greatly from their use. And their use environments vary widely. As a result, the capacity is different from boat lifts.

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25 Ton Boat Lift

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150 Ton Boat Travel Lift

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Components and structure of marine travel hoist

Fully hydraulic marine travel trailer lift, developed and manufactured by our company, is widely used in yachts, water sports training centers and water entertainment centers, dockyards, military bases, ports and terminals and other places. Lifting weight of marine travel hoist is from 10 tons to 1200 ton.

Components of travel lift mainly include the door frame, lifting mechanism, lifting point adjusting mechanism, operation mechanism and steering mechanism, electrical control system, power part, hydraulic system and safety protection device and so on.

Metal Structure

  • The metal frame of marine boat lift adopts the “C” structure to facilitate the smooth handling of yachts, boats, etc.
  • The main beam and end beam of the boat hoist adopt semi-steel and semi-flexible structure to effectively release the torsional stress of the portal frame.
  • The gantry frame of marine boat trailer lift adopts 3d design to optimize the design.

Hoisting Mechanism

  • The hoisting structure of marine boat trailer hoist mainly consists of hydraulic winch, steel wire rope, pulley block, hoisting belt, fixed trolley, mobile car and so on.
  • Travel lift uses multiple lifting points, and each lifting point can be lifted simultaneously or separately, which can automatically meet the lifting requirements of ships of different widths.
  • In addition, the lifting point shift structure of marine hoist can be adjusted flexibly to meet the lifting requirements of different length boats.

Walking Mechanism

  • The walking structure of marine lift mainly consists of tire, hydraulic motor, reducer, axle and other parts, which can adapt to different road conditions such as cement, sand and dirt road.
  • Moreover, it has a strong ability of climbing , with running smoothly and without impact.
  • Marine boat lift is flexible and has many different steering modes, such as bidirectional straight line, bidirectional oblique line, bidirectional in-situ rotation, bidirectional steering, head swing, tail swing, and bidirectional “eight” turn, etc.

Electric Control System

  • The electric control system of Travel lift adopts “CAN” bussing technology.
  • Many kinds of sensors are located with high precision, and many kinds of control methods such as remote control and control room are adopted, which make the operation convenient and reliable.
  • Its power and hydraulic system is mainly composed of engine set, generator set, hydraulic station group. With its own power, it can work all the time, so as to meet the user’s requirements in the maximum extent.
  • The most important thing is that it has a load protection, stall protection, lost pressure protection, anti-skid protection, hydraulic lock and unlock, body emergency stop, safety brake protection, brake failure protection, acoustooptic alarm, engine abnormal alarm, hydraulic pressure system abnormal alarm and other multiple safety protection devices to ensure the safety of the whole operation, running and other processes.
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300 Ton Travel Lift
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How to choose the right marine travel lift

It is well known that marine travel lift are widely used for various applications and they can greatly facilitate the operations with their excellent work performance. Whatever you use the marine lift for, it is worth choosing a quality one to ensure reliable operations. There are some tips on selecting a suitable travel lift product to meet your work needs in the following:

Cooperate With Reliable Travel Lift Manufacturers

Choose and cooperate with professional and reputable marine travel hoist manufacturers, because they are usually experienced and professional in designing and producing marine trailer lift products as you need, and you can get much information on trailer lift installation, operation, inspection and maintenance as you want from them, which is useful during your operating marine travel trailer hoist.

Do Some Research On The Equipment

Do some research before you purchase the trailer hoist. It is better to know more about the marine equipment that you are going to buy, and you can get some knowledge from internet or from friends who has purchased such products before. In this way, you can know better about the applications of boat hoists.

Understand Your Needs

Take careful account of your work needs. That is to say, what the marine travel hoist will be used for, and this information is important for you to determine what kind of tonnage marine boat hoist you really need, including 25 ton marine boat lift, 50 ton travel lift, 75 ton boat lift, 100 ton boat lift, 125 ton boat lift, 150 ton boat lift, 200 ton travel lift, 300 ton marine travel lift, 400 ton marine travel lift, 500 ton travel lift, 600 ton marine travel lift,etc.

It is necessary to provide some information on the work occasions and your requirements on the marine boat lift for the supplier, such as work environment (including weight of yacht, ship or vessel, working conditions of road and so on), and other special requirements. With the given information, the boat lift supplier can offer you suitable marine trailer boat lift solution to meet your needs or customize your boat lift according to your special demands;

No matter what kind of marine boat hoist you want to buy, the cost of the marine trailer hoist is not the most important factor to determine whether you buy it or not. That is to say, you should not only take the price into consideration and ignore its quality.

A reputable and reliable supplier of marine boat lift

Boat Travel Lift Design
Travel Lift Design

The company has a wealth of practical experience and professional technology. Over the years, cranes, hoists, travel lifts and other products are exported overseas and are well received by customers.

As a reputable company, Aicrane has always inherited the idea of customer supremacy, doing its best to solve for customers including technology, installation, use, personnel training and other related issues.

Aicrane,a professional and leading marine lift equipment supplier in China, we only manufacture high-quality boat lifts to cater for your lifting and transporting needs.

If you need customized boat lift for yacht or ship lifting and transporting, just choose and cooperate with Aicrane!