350 Ton Travel Lift for Boat

350 Ton Travel Lift

350 ton travel lift is a particular heavy duty gantry crane. With large loading capacity, it can lift and transport large boat smoothly and stably.

As a dedicated hoisting machinery, 350 ton travel lift is used to up and down water work of the boat and level transportation, main used to ports. Crane traveling mechanism adopts compact U shape structure. The wheel can achieve 360 degree turn and run diagonally. Complete machine is controlled by hydraulic and electric equipment.

Our company, a well-known travel lift manufacturer in China, provides reliable marine boat hoist cranes for sale. The crane has stable performance, simple structure, high safety, long service term. Do u need mobile boat hoist crane? Simply contact us .

350 Ton Travel Lift for Boat
350 Ton Travel Lift

350 ton travel lift parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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Why choose 350 ton travel lift?

For the crane traveling, it can move in diagonal direction, it also can steer in 90 degree or do pivot steering,it also can put the boat in any designated position according to requirements.

Main girder can adjust the span according to the boat width for handling different width boat.

Low expenses, high performance, easy to operate and maintain etc.

Low cost on the daily operation, it adopts the soft&firm belt to ensure no harm to the boat when hoisting.

It can make the boat in order quickly, it also can adjust the gap between each boat according to different condition, reducing the wasted space.

Features of our marine boat lift crane

Customized height and width

Our boat hoists are available in custom heights and widths to meet the specific requirements of your yard.

All wheel electronic steering

Maximize your machine’s versatility, maneuverability and precision in confined boat yard spaces with our patented all wheel steering technology. The system includes 5 steering modes with more drive and turning speed.

Sound suppression I

Reduce engine noise with a level I sound suppression kit, which incorporates foam lining on the inside of the engine compartment.

Sound suppression II

Eliminate the need to raise your voice on the job. The level II sound suppression kit sets the industry standard in noise reduction-including foam lining, louvers and a hospital-grade muffler. It’s ideal for yards using additional equipment. It can meet the requirements of local noise restrictions.

Change in block drop (below pier level)

Accommodate tidal fluctuations by adjusting the wire rope length on the hoist drum. This allows you to launch vessels at any tide level.

Electronic load indicator

Receive an electronic readout of vessels’ weights. An electronic load indicator can also be integrated into the wireless remote control as an additional upgrade.

AVT program

Automatic Variable Throttle (AVT) adjusts engine speed automatically to reduce fuel consumption and increase component life. Its built-in programming automatically draws only the power you need to complete the task at hand.

2-speed hoist

Increase lifting speed for more efficiency when your machine is in high demand and in great fluctuating tides.

3-speed drive

Increase travel speed and reduce time between loading and storage points.

Increased grade-ability

Maximize efficiency and yard space with additional drive motors that allow your boat hoist to travel over inclined, uneven or sloped surfaces. Increased grade-ability is recommended for yards with non-concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Work & drive lights

High-mounted and/or low-mounted 12-volt DC lights illuminate work and drive areas and run off the crane’s electrical system. Custom configurations are available.

Extra fuel tank

Our boat hoists’ lower side beam can be converted to accommodate more fuel capacity. This option is designed for yards that run long shifts, have limited fuel accessibility or operate in hurricane-prone regions.

Customized spreader bars

When you need more variable distribution or to separate slings to clear a hull appendage, customized spreader bars are available to solve the most challenging lifting requirements.

Longer spreader bars

When you need more load distribution or to separate slings to clear a hull appendage, longer spreader bars create greater distance between slings. Longer spreader bars also allow for additional sling sets.

Additional bolting flange

Easily increase or narrow the width of your machine in the future. This second set of flanges is added to the top beam (cross beam), creating a removable spool piece (spacer) between bolting flanges.

Enclosed cab

Ensure maximum operator comfort (particularly in colder climates) with a lockable door, sliding windows, windshield wiper, heater and window defrosting fan. Optional air-conditioning is also available for the enclosed cab.

Custom colors

Our travel lifts can be painted with a custom color.

Cold start kit

Our boat hoist crane offers a cold start kit for our mobile boat lifts to assist in the warm-up procedure in cold environments. An Arctic Operation Package (-25°C to -40°C) is available for extreme cold conditions.

Additional slings

Add more sling sets to your boat hoist and handle more diverse vessels. Customization of sling lengths and options are available.

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