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AICRANE, a well-known brand of Aimix Group Co., Ltd, has been engaged in the development and production of lifting equipment for many years, such as hoist, bridge crane, gantry crane, winch, marine travel lift, etc. These products are exported to many foreign countries. Since the launch of the boat lift, it has been exported to many foreign countries. We tailor the boat hoist for different tonnage according to customer’s requirement.

As a reputable company, we not only have long history, but also has rich practical experience and professional technology. What’s more, the company has been inheriting the concept of customer first, try its best to solve all problems for the customer, including technology, installation, use, personnel training and so on. During the past many years, products of Aimix Group has been being exported to overseas, and receiving the customer the consistent high praise.


As one of reliable and professional marine lift suppliers, we have professional teams with skilled engineers and highly trained workers, and have well-equipped factories for manufacturing boat lifts in accordance with customers’ meets. And our engineers pay much attention to every detail in design and production process in accordance with customers’ demands and requirements,such as capacity and using conditions. They mainly focus on structure design, choice of hydraulic components and hydraulic system and so on.

About marine travel lifts, we produce hydraulic marine travel lifts with high quality which can ensure its high efficiency and long term use for lifting and transporting operations. The load capacity range of marine boat hoist produced by our company can be from 25T to 600T. We upgrade the products according to market changes. And we provides boat hoists with different sizes in capacity. Customers can choose the most suitable travel lift to make lifting and transporting work easier and safer. Choosing Aicrane marine travel lift, with cost and energy saving, is your suitable and best choice.

What’s more, the company has produced and customized boat travel lifts for a long time and has clients all over the world. And the clients have been satisfied with our products since they purchased marine travel lifts with full hydraulic system, and some of them have cooperated with us again and ordered more products from us. No matter what tonnage do you want, you can buy products of good quality and very reasonable price from us.

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