Boat Hoist For Sale

About a boat hoist for sale, you should know theses following factors:

(1) Reduce the consumption cost of manpower and material resources;

(2) Provide convenience for the maintenance and repair of the yacht;

(3) Extend the service life of the yacht;

(4) Reduce the occurrence probability of accidents;

(5) Ensure the accurate operation of the yacht;

Boat Hoist With Perfect After-sale Service

Boat hoist parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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Advantages of boat hoist for sale

1. Reliable and reputable manufactures;

2. Professional designers, manufacturing personnel, transportation team, etc.;

3. Perfect after-sales service;

4. Various types and capacities;

5. Good performance;

6. Advanced technology;

7. High security;

8. Low failure rate and less maintenance;

9. Powerful lifting capacity;

10. Long service life, etc.;

11. How to operate travel lift.

Boat Hoist For Sale

Boat hoist for sale parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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Tips for Boat Hoist Installation

Aicrane boat hoist for sale has detailed matters needing attention in assembling and dismantling, in order to ensure that the whole installation process can be carried out in an orderly and safe manner.

1) The disassemble boat hoist for sale be carried out by the professional team which has obtained the disassemble qualification certificate, and have the technical and safety personnel in the custody.

2) Before disassembling of boat lift, we have compiled the dismantling method, quality requirements and safety technical measures in accordance with the relevant provisions of the factory and prepare. After getting the examination and approval of the enterprise technical director, it need to be as disassembling operations technical solution, and to tell all the homework personnel.

3) Marine lift’s metal structure, track and all electrical equipment have a reliable grounding device.

4) The dismantling of marine travel lift be carried out during the daytime. When wind, fog, rain and other bad weather, it is stopped.

5) All conductors be familiar with the disassemble operation plan, observe the dismantling process and operation procedure, and conduct the command with clear command signal. If the command signal is not clear or wrong, the operation is stopped.

6) When disassembling workers enter the work site, they wear safety protection devices and fasten their seat-belts at high homework. They are familiar with and seriously implement disassembling process and operation procedures. When they find abnormal situation or problems,they will timely reflect to the technical director and not be coming into its own in order to prevent accidents caused by improper handling.

7) At the disassemble time, boat hoist for sale is carried out according to the disassemble requirements of the factory manual.

8) In the process of dismantling homework, when encountering weather-changed, power failure, mechanical failure accidents and other a short period of time that can’t continue to work, workers will make disassembling parts reach a stable state and fixation. After checking no hidden trouble, they stop operating.

9) In the removal of parts that cannot be disassembled due to damage or other reasons, it will be carried out in accordance with the safety dismantlement scheme approved by the technical department.

10) During the installation of the marine hoist, technical inspection be carried out in stages. After the whole machine is installed, the whole machine will be inspected and adjusted to ensure the operation of each part is correct, smooth and sound, and the brake is reliable and the safety devices is sensitive and effective. The inspection records will be filled in after the stages and the inspection of the whole machine. And the use shall not be delivered until the technical director has examined it.

Compared with similar boat hoists

Compared with similar boat travel lift, Aicrane not only has a long history in the industry, but also leads the industry in the following aspects:

1) Aicrane boat hoist for sale has clear characteristics to make you have a distinct perception when you know them but don’t use them;

2) The components and principles of travel lift are all inspected and tested strictly to ensure the good and safe operation of the whole machine;

3) Reliable and perfect after-sale service provided by our company can help you relieve your worries and reduce the cost of maintenance and spare parts;

4) As for drive type, the marine lifts used on yachts\ships fully be powered by hydraulic system which makes the operation of Marine lift more stable and safe;

5) No matter what kind of travel lift you want, we can meet your needs according to your requirements, such as using conditions, capacity and other factors;

6) When you consider buying a piece of marine travel lift, our workers will give you some useful advice, such as technical suggestions, noting factors, size on the basis of your needs and so on;

7) Of course, needless to say, the quality of boat lifts is best; the performance of marine travel lift is excellent; the manufacture of travel lift is reliable;

8) Due to different marine lifts for different capacity of ships, we can provide marine lifts with different tonnages;

9) Aicrane boat lifts with multiple directions, thorough safety protection device and system, easy operation structure and system, high technical design standard, etc.

Perfect after-sales service system

From choosing the right product model to the planning sites, professional technical training to the installation and debugging, large hoisting equipment and machine parts, as long as you a phone call, we will in the shortest possible time to respond and help you.

We will continue to blaze new trails, regard technology as the core, quality as life, take the customer as the center. We will wholeheartedly provide travel lifts and reasonable design with high quality and high – level, and precise manufacturing, meticulous after-sales service for you.

Why choose us

The company’s products include single beam, bridge crane, gantry crane, electric hoist,such as explosion-proof hoist, insulation hoist, electromagnetic hoist, frequency conversion hoist,etc. and other cranes. After many years of development, Aicrane has been enjoying a high reputation in China crane industry, and getting the user consistent high praise. Service area covers the mechanical, metallurgy, electric power, railway, water conservancy, port, mining and other industries.

We have advanced production processing equipment, testing equipment. Our group also has a CNC lathe, CNC drilling machine, machining center, CNC gear hobbling machine, slotting machine, precision boring machine, universal milling machine, grinding machine, planing machine, bending machine, large lathe and automatic welding machine.What’s more, it has electric hoist test bench, sound level meter, paint film thickness meter, theodolite, level instrument, and material analysis laboratory and so on.

These all devices fully and strictly ensure the milling, planing, grinding, drawing, boring, drilling, punching, cutting, bending plate, testing and heat treatment and other technical processes. Therefore, the boat hoist for sale is your best choice.

The company’s staff continuously develops and innovates, takes the technology as the core, regards the quality as the life, with the customer as the center, and wholeheartedly provides the high quality, the high level lifting product for the customer.

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