Marine Travel Hoist

Marine Travel Lift

Marine travel lift is a device applied to the yacht club, water sports training center, water recreation center and naval units, which is driven by hydraulic power. And when the yacht or ship needs to carry out maintenance, storage and transportation, it is used for lifting and horizontal handling of the boat or yacht into water or out of water. Lifting a yacht or a boat rapidly and easily is very important, different boats are equipped with different weights and designs according to the boat needs. For example, the carrying vessel is often heavy and huge. So if you want to upkeep or clean it, you have to transport it on the ground. It is impossible for people themselves to lift it. At this point, you need to have a marine travel lift.

Marine Travel Hoist
Marine Travel Hoist

Marine travel lift parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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We produce hydraulic boat lift with high quality which can ensure its high efficiency and long term use for lifting and transporting operations. The company has produced and customized boat travel lift for a long time and has clients all over the world. And the clients have been satisfied with our products since they purchased the marine lift with full hydraulic system, and some of them have cooperated with us again and ordered more products from us. No matter what tonnage do you want, you can buy products of good quality and very reasonable price from our company.

Parts of marine travel lift

1. Its door frame adopts the “C” shape, which can carry out the ship more than the height of the crane;

2. Its main beam and end beam adopt half steel and semi-flexible structure and effectively release the torsional stress of the door frame;

3. Its lifting structure mainly consists of hydraulic winch, steel wire rope, pulley block, hoisting belt, fixed trolley, mobile car, etc;

4. The main parts of its big-car-walking structure is tire, hydraulic motor, speed reducer and axle;

5. Its electrical control system uses “CAN” bus-technology, multiple sensors high precision positioning, remote control, control room multiple control mode;

6. The power and hydraulic system of MBH mainly consists of generator sets, generator sets and hydraulic stations;

7. Thorough safety protection device or system.

Marine Travel Lifting Crane
Marine Travel Lifting Crane

Marine travel hoist parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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What hydraulic travel lift is used for?

As a kind of yacht equipment, the hydraulic marine lift can be moved on the ground and in the water, and be used for lifting and transporting yacht when it reaches and leaves ground to water, and also used for ship. Hydraulic boat lift is small and easy to operate, which is suitable for the boat or ship that is large or small.

Hydraulic boat hoist can be used for different capacities, and the main function of them is to lift and transport the ship toward the ground to upkeep and maybe repair, that’s why it is so important to buy hydraulic marine travel lift with high quality to ensure the reliable and safe work. With the right and suitable boat hoist for your yacht, it will work the way as it is supposed to, and it will make the operations easier and safer.

Types of marine lift

Yacht is a kind of consumer goods with water recreational use and durable high-grade. It combines the functions of navigation, sports, entertainment and leisure to meet the needs of individuals and families to enjoy life. In developed countries, the yacht is privately owned more, like cars. And in developing countries, the yacht is as a management project of park and tourist attractions for the people, also as a means of port inspector, public security, frontier defense work. The yacht is an entertainment as its essential feature, which distinguishes it from a high speed boat and a passenger ship as a means of transport. Yachts will be the next generation of durable consumer goods, like cars.

Marine Lift Manufacturer
Marine Lift

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Characteristics of marine travel lift

1. Boat travel lifts produced by our company are available with different using conditions and load capacities depending on your needs. Our engineers will design and produce the boat lifts according to your requirements;

2. The travel lift quality is controlled from the source and the components pass all the tests and detection to ensure the high quality product for clients;

3. The overall boat lift is with good welding and water tightness;

4. The marine lift provided by us has reasonable price, and work efficiently and reliably with low noise;

5. The boat hoist is easy and safe to operate, and we provide perfect after-sale service;

The marine travel lift is the simple but important device on lifting and transporting a ship or a yacht no matter what drive type and what capacity it needs to lift, and it makes ship lifting and transporting easier because it has easy operation and can work efficiently like glass for water. If you have any question about travel lift for sale, just tell us and we will provide solutions for you very soon. Choose the marine lift for your yacht or ship from us, you will get quality product with reasonable price,and save cost and energy.

Therefore, different sizes of yachts and boats have been springing up. Correspondingly, travel lifts with different tonnages have been appeared. Our group has many years of industry history, rich practical experience, innovative science and technology and complete quality inspection system. Our marine travel lift is not only different in size, but also can be customized according to specific requirements of customers, such as using conditions.

Manufacturer of boat lift

The company produces top quality hydraulic boat lifts. And our engineers pay much attention to every detail in design and production process in accordance with customers’ demands and requirements, such as capacity and using conditions. They mainly focus on structure design, choice of hydraulic components and hydraulic system and so on.

As one of reliable and professional marine lift suppliers, the company provides boat hoists with different sizes in capacity. Customers can choose the most suitable travel lift to make lifting and transporting work easier and safer! Choosing Aicrane marine travel lift, with cost and energy saving, is your suitable and best choice!

Price of travel lift

1. We have long-term and direct cooperation manufacturers with no intermediate fees;

2. Aicrane has professional engineers to customize according to customer requirements;

3. Our products are exported to many countries, and you can obtain more reliable information from customers and friends, so as to avoid the trip costs of visiting manufacturers;

4. China’s One Belt, One Road policy and other import and export preferential policies will also reduce the cost for you;

5. As long as the operation instructions are strictly followed, regular inspection and maintenance will greatly reduce the cost of maintenance;

Aicrane, a reputable and reliable travel lift brand

We only manufacture high-quality boat lifts to cater for your lifting and transporting needs. As an industrial and trade integration company specializing in lifting equipment, our group has rich experienced in crane design, manufacturing and service.

If you need customized boat lift for yacht or ship lifting and transporting, just choose and cooperate with Aicrane that is one of the experienced and reputable hydraulic travel lift manufacturers in China. We need the following details provided to customize the marine lift: the maximum lifting capacity, overall height and width, number of straps, operation mode, etc. To know more about our travel lift and other products, please contact us and you will be provided with all details about our products.

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