Travel Lift Tons

Hydraulic travel lift is designed and used on boat, vessel or yacht, driven by hydraulic power to lift and transport different types of boats and yachts. A marine lift powered by hydraulic pump usually has heavier load capacity than the one driven by the electric motor, so it’s more widely used to lift and transport large boats on sea.

25 Ton Boat Lift

The rated lifting capacity of 25 ton boat lift is less than 25 ton. It is suitable for the small ...
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50 Ton Travel Lift

The 50 ton travel lift is a device used to lift and transport a yacht\boat with light weight. when it ...
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75 Ton Boat Lift

To meet different clients’ requirements, the travel lift is designed and produced with different capacity. Some boat lifts have large ...
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100 Ton Boat Lift

Travel hoist is one kind of yacht-lifting equipment used on different places. The 100 ton boat lift is mainly used ...
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125 Ton Boat Lift

The 125 ton boat lift is a piece of marine lifting and transporting equipment applied for maintaining,repairing, handling some problems ...
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150 Ton Travel Lift

Seven promises make you carefree whether you choose 150 ton travel lift or others: 1.Quality assurance: all products of our ...
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200 Ton Travel Lift

200 ton travel lift is a lifting equipment, which is used for handling yachts, boats and other equipments to go ...
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300 Ton Travel Lift

First step is to learn the 300 ton travel lift crane structure. Marine lift crane is composed of door frame, ...
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400 Ton Travel Lift

400 ton travel lift is a heavy duty lifting equipment. It is designed with different tonnages. This kind of marine ...
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500 Ton Travel Lift

As its name suggests, 500 ton travel lift has the large rated capacity to lift or launch yachts, vessels with ...
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600 Ton Marine Travel Lift

Large tonnage boat trailer lifts, such as 600 ton marine travel lift, are mainly used for lifting, loading, launching and ...
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Of course, we can design and produce boat lifts with different tonnages, such as 25 ton vessel hoist, 50 ton travel lift for sale, 75 ton boat hoist, 100t marine travel lift for sale, 200 ton marine travel lift, 300 ton marine travel lift, 600 ton marine travel lift for hot sale, etc.

Different Tonnages Of Marine Lifts

Marine lifts parameters:

  • Rated lifting capacity: 10-1200t
  • Span: 6.5-25m
  • Lifting speed : 0-3m/min
  • Running speed : 0-40m/min

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Different tonnages of marine travel lifts

Marine travel lifts with different tonnages can be customized and designed by Aicrane. We only manufacture high-quality boat lifts to cater for your lifting and transporting needs.

If you need customized boat lift for yacht or ship lifting and transporting, just choose and cooperate with Aicrane that is one of the experienced and reputable hydraulic travel lift manufacturers in China. We need the following details provided to customize the marine travel boat lift: the maximum lifting capacity, overall height and width, number of straps, operation mode, etc. To know more about our travel lift and other products, please contact us and you will be provided with all details about our products.

What’s more, the hydraulic marine lift has many characteristics and features: large load capacity, easy and safe installation and operation, safe and reliable brake and clutch device, high work efficiency, variable speeds optional, etc.

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